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Color Therapy

What is Color Therapy?

Color therapy uses colors to affect us, both physically and emotionally.

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Color therapy is an area of holistic healing which uses color in an attempt to affect our mood, emotions and possibly even our health. There are different ways to incorporate color therapy into your life. You can sit under a lamp which emits different colored light. You can point colored light at a specific part of your body using a Penlight Set. There are also lamps available which light up the whole room or are directed to your body. You can use color therapy oils or baths, wear certain colored clothes or paint walls a specific color. Probably the easiest and most popular way is to wear color therapy glasses where you can see the world through "rose colored glasses," if you will (or green colored or yellow colored or violet colored, etc). The color of the light entering your body is concentrated in one spectrum. The mood or emotions associated with that color are enhanced, which can cause a shift in that direction.

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Color Meanings

How Does Color Therapy Work?

Although we would live, we would probably not be healthy if we lived in total darkness without any light. Light can affect our mood. Most of us feel better and more cheerful on a sunny day than on a gloomy, sunless day. Some people living in areas which do not get many sunny days in the winter develop Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Studies have indicated that working the grave yard shift may be detrimental to your health. We need light to be healthy.

Even though we don't see it, the light around us contains the full spectrum of colors. Each color has its own frequency and vibration. In some natural healing schools of thought, different colors are believed to relate to different parts of our body. You may want to read more about these energy centers, or chakras.

It is thought by some that our tissues and organs need the same energies as light. When disease or injury disturbs the vibration and energy of an organ or area of our body, applying the associated color frequency can restore the body to health. Eastern medical practice teaches that we have meridians which carry energy through the body and connect to each organ. This is the theory behind acupuncture which attempts to remove blockages to the energy flow.

Color is thought to do the same thing. Each color's vibration is associated with different attributes and qualities. Light entering through our eyes may trigger the production of hormones which control the biochemical system of the body. It also can influence our emotions and well-being by supplying the frequency we need to keep our mind and body in balance. Color does not heal. Rather, it enables the body to heal itself.

Possible Medical Benefits of Different Colors

More research needs to be conducted, but there are indications that different colors may have medical benefits. Read about possible medical benefits of color therapy.

Color Psychology

Read about the psychology of colors and how they affect human emotions. You can paint your walls and achieve decorative room color therapy.

Migraine Headaches and Color Therapy

Jie Huang of Michigan State University's Department of Radiology has conducted research using color therapy for migraine headaches. Precision tinted lenses were found to normalize brain activity in patients with migraine headaches, preventing those attacks from occurring.

History of Color Therapy

Color therapy has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese studied and used color to treat ailments. Read a more thorough history of color therapy from the ancients until now.

More Information

Inger Naess has a great little booklet called An Introduction the Colour Energy which gives an overview of each color. She also has a beautiful, 192 page hardbound book called Colour Energy which goes into each color in great depth.

Buy Color Therapy Glasses

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Red is hot. It can stimulate and excite. It connects to our physical self.

Red is associated with:

• courage
• strength
• vitality
• vigor
• ambition
• alertness
• sexuality
• pioneering spirit
• willpower
• aggressiveness
Benefits may be:

• overcoming negative
• a sense of power
• self confidence
• settled-ness
• a feeling of security
  and safety
• appetite stimulant
• possible Tourette
  Syndrome cure

Too much red may result in:

• impatience
• increase
• hostility
• irritation
• anger


Orange is warm and joyful. It connects to our emotional self.

Orange is associated with:

• sociability
• social confidence
• success
• happiness
• resourcefulness

Benefits may be:

• optimism
• cheering
• anti-depressant
• inspiring
• expanded interest
  and activities
• enjoyable
• help remove
Too much orange may result in:

• irritability
• slight frustration
• increased appetite


Yellow is warm to hot. It connects to our mental self.

Yellow is associated with:

• mental clarity
• cheerfulness
• optimism
• self esteem
• wisdom
• inspiration

Benefits may be:

• memory
• concentration
• stimulating curiosity
  and interest
• easing of depression
• empowerment
• confidence
• courage
• helps with anxiety
• energy
• aids discernment and
  decision making
Too much yellow may result in:

• superficiality
• hyperactivity


Green is the master color. It is refreshing and cool. It connects us to unconditional love.

Green is associated with:

• peace
• renewal
• love
• hope
• balance
• harmony
• self control
• growth
• life
Benefits may be:

• stress reduction
• rest
• calmness
• sense of balance
  and normalcy
• relaxation

Too much green may result in:

• laziness


Aqua (turquoise) is cooling. It connects us to our expression.

Aqua is associated with:

• purity
• soothing feeling
• calmness
• confidence
• oratory
• openness
Benefits may be:

• relaxation
• loving expressiveness
• freedom of
• help with sleep
• sensitivity

Too much aqua may result in:

• none known


Blue is cold and acidic. It connects us to holistic thoughts.

Blue is associated with:

• communication
• creativity
• personal expression
• vitality
• decisiveness
• knowledge
• health

Benefits may be:

• mental relaxation
• calmness
• peace
• help with insomnia
• confidence in
• clear communication
• help with
  in children
Too much blue may result in:

• insecurity
• pessimism
• feel tired
• depressed
• cold-natured


Indigo is cool and calming to the nervous system. It connects us to our unconscious self.

Indigo is associated with:

• serenity
• stillness
• imagination
• understanding
Benefits may be:

• imagination
• greater intuition
  and awareness
• accurate perception
• strong, deep sleep
Too much indigo may result in:

• depression
• sense of
  from others


Violet is cool. It connects us to our spiritual self.

Violet is associated with:

• inspiration
• creativity
• beauty

Benefits may be:

• generosity
• selflessness
• enhanced artistic
• strong, deep sleep
• calm nerves
• reduced excitement
• reduced irritation
• suppress appetite
Too much violet may result in:

• depression
• insecurity
• stagnate or suppress
  (especially anger)


Magenta is balancing. It connects us to devotional love.

Magenta is associated with:

• soothing
• relaxing
• gentle

Benefits may be:

• balance of emotions
  for both the over
  and under emotional
• peace

Too much magenta may result in:

• can be too relaxing
  (not good for the
  introverted or


Baker-Miller Pink is relaxing. Read more about Baker-Miller pink

Baker-Miller pink is associated with:

• relaxation
• stress relief
• calming aggression

Baker-Miller pink may be:

• an appetite

Too much Baker-Miller pink may result in:

• There are no known
  results from an
  overdose of Baker-
  Miller pink
• Read more about
  Baker-Miller pink

Read more about color therapy.

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